The Fire Blanket

The Fire Blanket

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Our blanket with optimized size. Fireproof pulling tapes, non-flammable, TÜV tested.


The fire blanket against incipient fires. Extinguishes quickly and sustainably. Without the dangerous wicking effect.

  1. Open
    Open the blanket and unfold it.
  2. Extinguish
    Cover the source of fire, interrupt the heat supply.
  3. Cooling
    Let the blanket cool down. Call the fire department.

Extinguishes quickly and effectively!

Conventional fire extinguishing blankets can soak the burning grease / oil when extinguishing grease fires and thereby become a hazard themselves. With our special coating, the Kleiner Brandmeister ® fire blanket eliminates the dangerous wicking effect and effectively extinguishes greasy fires!

A little firefighter on guard at any place!

The Kleiner Brandmeister ® fire blanket makes it possible to extinguish incipient fires. Thanks to its ease of use and excellent extinguishing power, it is an ideal accessory at home and for the leisure time. Place the fire blanket in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, workshop, or garage and keep it at hand during outdoor activities such as sailing, camping, BBQs, etc..

Every fire starts small ...

Place the Kleiner Brandmeister ® fire blanket in a central, easily accessible place so that you can react quickly and safely in the event of a fire. The well-thought folding system allows for self-deployment in a maximum of 4 seconds after pulling the two tabs. In order to ensure optimal functioning in the event of fire, the packaging is made of durable plastic and its tabs are made of the same fire-resistant glass fibre fabric as the blanket itself.

In case of fire, react quickly and calmly!

The Kleiner Brandmeister ® fire blanket is highly resistant to heat and has been specially impregnated. It is twice as effective thanks to a chemical-catalytic process: it diminishes oxygen supply and does not develop toxic fumes. In contrast to many cheap fire blankets, Kleiner Brandmeister ® fire blanket reliably extinguishes oil and grease fires, as it prevents the dangerous "wicking" effect.

Optimized size

Not only is Kleiner Brandmeister ® fire blanket convincing due to its outstanding material. Thanks to its optimized size of 100 cm x 125 cm, this fire blanket is ideal for extinguishing fires on people, while still being compact enough to be safely used in an emergency even by very young individuals or children.

Certified safety

Numerous awards and certifications from renowned institutions confirm the efficiency and unrestricted usability of the Kleiner Brandmeister ® fire blanket as a highly effective fire-extinguishing tool. This is also endorsed by the Versicherungskammer Bayern, Germany's largest mutual insurance. This company actively sells Kleiner Brandmeister ® products.

Technical specifications
  •  Size optimized to 100 cm x 125 cm
  •  Material glass fibre, specially impregnated
  •  Colour white
  •  Heat resistant Up to 1,250 ° C
  •  Durability Maintenance-free, no expiry date
  •  Disposal Environmentally friendly recyclable
  •  Standard EN 1869: 2001